December 16, 2010

men's fashion blogs

courtesy of backyard bill

today i hunted down a handful of men's fashion blogs. to be honest, i've always loved men's fashion more than women's. or rather it's a different love, i suppose. no matter, here the handful i found today.

fine and dandy shop
slew of men's street style that always back to it's vintage roots. dig it.

backyard bill
my boyfriend's category of style is sporty/outdoorsman so i'm always looking for ways to get him out of a fleece and jeans and into a couple more layers... here is my new device. i also like the mini-interviews.

what i saw today
street style but illustrated instead of photographed. beautiful. also bits of NY art scene peppered in.

mister mort
based in SF, hipster perspective that DOESN'T make me want to vomit. i particularly like the older gentlemen he captures and how blatantly opinionated his posts are. nicely done, sir.

street etiquette
my favorite find. two easy on the eyes gents in the bronx lay out your basics, your trends, and more in great images and videos. my particular favorite part - their mix of color and jewelry. GET THIS - the dudes are only 20.

and i leave you with this fun ad for the blind barber in NY.
happy thursday y'all.

THE BLIND BARBER from The Blind Barber on Vimeo.

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