December 25, 2010

hipster for the holidays

compelling hipster fashion? THANKS modcloth! admittedly, i'm bored of the trend, BUT if you must do it atleast insert some thought and humor. that said - please everyone join me in recognizing that putting on a pair of opaque black tights does not make you automatically fashionable. even less so when they are snag and hole spattered. i will ring in 2011 praying for a less sloppy fad. rant end.
happy holidays - seattle style.

December 16, 2010

men's fashion blogs

courtesy of backyard bill

today i hunted down a handful of men's fashion blogs. to be honest, i've always loved men's fashion more than women's. or rather it's a different love, i suppose. no matter, here the handful i found today.

fine and dandy shop
slew of men's street style that always back to it's vintage roots. dig it.

backyard bill
my boyfriend's category of style is sporty/outdoorsman so i'm always looking for ways to get him out of a fleece and jeans and into a couple more layers... here is my new device. i also like the mini-interviews.

what i saw today
street style but illustrated instead of photographed. beautiful. also bits of NY art scene peppered in.

mister mort
based in SF, hipster perspective that DOESN'T make me want to vomit. i particularly like the older gentlemen he captures and how blatantly opinionated his posts are. nicely done, sir.

street etiquette
my favorite find. two easy on the eyes gents in the bronx lay out your basics, your trends, and more in great images and videos. my particular favorite part - their mix of color and jewelry. GET THIS - the dudes are only 20.

and i leave you with this fun ad for the blind barber in NY.
happy thursday y'all.

THE BLIND BARBER from The Blind Barber on Vimeo.

roar some more

online 1920's menswear research wasn't as helpful as i hoped, but following the party did find this video courtesty of fine and dandy shop's blog

john went with the sportsman look as follows - complete with self-tie bow tie! i'll soon include shots of the mink-trimmed cashmere sweater i donned.

December 15, 2010

ghetto genius

make madeleines while conquering my dishes? you betcha!

December 9, 2010


my darling boyfriend and i were invited to a 1920's themed murder mystery dinner. sadly i have to work, but what a splendid excuse to dress up! here are some of the fun things i found - of course leading me full-circle to The Brinkley Girls, my favorite new book - i picked up my copy at the geek-chic Fantagraphics in georgetown. click images all for links, especially note the beautiful etsy pieces - the ostrich clutch and peacock clutch - support an artist. stay tuned for the men's edition...

December 2, 2010

seattle super finds

liz claireborne taffeta skirt - $14 - capitol hill redlight

marc jacobs denim pumps - $17 - capitol hill crossroads

bargain shopping without leaving my neighborhood total - $31

meet penny

i am the general manager of Klondike Penny's Old Time Portrait Studio. lucky me, this means i get to tap into my college studies - costume design. in a visit to the pacific galleries antique auction, i fought to the finish to win my newest antique sewing machine - penny. she is a 1925 singer featherweight, complete with the wooden travel box. she is gorgeous, i foresee many happy afternoons together.


miss dahl - huge crush

thanks to sterling style

chocolate madeleines for breakfast

because... why the fuck not?

1 egg - room temp if possible
1/4 cup sugar
splash real vanilla
1/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate
1/2 stick butter
1/2 cup flour
1/2 t. baking powder

preheat to 400f
butter madeleine pan. way more fun if done with your hands.
blend egg, sugar, vanilla on high for... 10 minutes.
if you're a real ace, simultaneously double broil (poor girl version - heat-proof bowl over pot of water) chocolate.
when melted add butter. melt that too.
mix the baking powder and flour - fo' reals. if you don't, they will suck.
add yer flour and baking powder mix to the egg mix delicately with a spatula (coming soon, how much i love spatulas).
best part - mix the buttery chocolate. be sure to do this thoroughly so it doesn't look marbled.
spoon the chocolatey goodness into the pan.
bake for 10-12 minutes, or until you smell the chocolate wafting.
immediately turn upside down and tap cakes out onto cooling rack or, hell even your counter.
if you wanna get fancy, you can put powdered sugar on top.