March 15, 2011

Country Gals

We just got a record player this weekend, and I've been in the mood for stuff from the '60's. Looking forward to a collection full of Etta James, Motown, Connie Francis, Beach Boys, Hank Williams... In the spirit of our new old technology I hunted down some fashionable cowgirls from the 1960's country and rock and roll scene.

March 12, 2011

Georgetown or Bust

Let me start with a little background - Georgetown is where John and I had our first date - if making out on a couch at 9lb Hammer isn't love, I am very very lost. And hell, if it isn't I got a 9lb Porter out of the deal. Georgetown used to be creeper-ville when I was a kid - industrial, ugly, and kinda ghetto. Now, thanks to Seattle's affinity for transitioning broke down neighborhoods into art-havens, Georgetown is freaking rad. Hosting a herd of neato restaurants, bars, and shops you could happily live and die here. Add to that a hint of old punks and rockabilly kids and I'm sold. As close to a 5 year plan as I'll ever be - we hope to move down here in the next couple years, rent a house, get some chickens, be those rad people.

Here's my run-down of cool stuff to find:
  • Georgetown Liquor Co. - vegan heaven, with a nommy menu including the "Darth Rueben". Also awesome - free old-school video games, play Super Mario Bro's til your fingers go numb
  • Slim's Last Chance - little rockabilly vibe, a slew of different chilis and great local beers
  • Smarty Pants - possibly the best bbq sammich in town, SOMEHOW I have yet to go here
  • All City Coffee - rad little art-house joint
  • Fantagraphics - comic AND record store meet to create geek heaven
  • Via Tribunale - damn damn good pizza
  • The Corson Building - fine dining NW sustainable style - bend John's ear to take me here
These are just the things that immediately come to mind, I'll elaborate and include more later. Gotta go fry a computer.

March 10, 2011

Chrome Meets Suit

A cyclist myself, I really dig cyclist gear in unexpected places - like this guy. Thanks for stopping, good luck in the rain!

At the Sock Hop

I have a long-running obsession with the 1950's - it all started with my mom throwing a sock hop with the PTA when I was in elementary school. What began as a poodle skirt and Peter Pan collar (when I find the evidence I will post it) evolved into knit wiggle skirts with angora sweaters and rhinestoned stilettos in high school. More recently I've been listening to lots of Connie Francis and saving pennies for a record player.

I found the above adorably innocent yet slutty dress by Bernie Dexter and thought I'd try to make something like it. So far I have this Vintage Vogue pattern, and I'm thinking I'll ditch the front placket altogether and slip a zipper in the side seam and somehow conjure a sweetheart neckline. Even better, if I can complete this by May for the Wanda Jackson concert.

Also in the works - a playsuit for my friend Courtney to wear at car shows this summer.

March 9, 2011

Comics Translated Into Fashion

The boyfriend and I went to the Emerald City Comicon this weekend, wheee! I was in a corset and hope to go all three days next year so that I can do more enjoyment, less shmoozing. I also effectively made myself out to be a complete psychotic idiot in front of Ben Templesmith - I think I may have told him I'm going to follow him home. Ben, if you're reading this, wherever in Seattle you are, I am so so very sorry. Anyway, I thought I'd try and make comics more approachable for my lady friends (and not-so-lady-friends). Links all attached, haven't figured how to make it open in a new tab, you'll have to right click that shit.

Crafts Shmafts

So I've been haphazardly immersed in embroidery. I say haphazardly because I always get the impression that I'm doing it wrong. OR atleast not as awesomely as I might (we're talking about the girl that will unravel an entire scarf over one crochet). So in lieu of New Year's resolutions I'm going to make belated 2011 craft resolutions.

1. Finish current embroidery projects and do lots of research to eventually do stuff like this

or this in embroidery form to blow away next year's Emerald City Comic-con

2. Teach myself to knit - surprisingly easy with youtube tutorials, etc. cuz I wanna do this

3. Make a couple vintage replica sundresses for the summer. This may or may not include reviving Grace or Penny. Especially: something madmen 1960's ala my girlfriend Joan Harris and something 1930's ala... the great depression.
except I'm of course more likely to do the Betty-style full skirt.

Thoughts, links, and fabric finds welcome!

March 7, 2011

Closet Visit

I must share my new favorite fashion blog - Closet Visit. LA resident, artist, blogger, and wonder-woman Jeana Sohn visits the closets of friends, friends of friends, and rumored stylish ladies about town to style, photograph, and interview them in their homes. The result is an intimate, vibrant, inspiring blog and I find myself reading... each post multiple times. She has managed to capture an LA aura I had chocked up to faux-Hollywood existence - chic, bohemian, quirky, and brilliant artistic women in little white houses.

My first girl-crush was Beatrice Valenzuela, a hand-crafted shoe designer, mother, and glowing beautiful being. Then Joanna Williams with her spectacular collection of delicate white vintage dresses - the spider-web beaded piece is spectacular. And so the obsession begins...

Consistent through the blog is soft pretty LA light filtering through the shots - something to be desired in Seattle this time of year. Also - Jeana's ability to invite seductive bursts of color that leave you begging for large turquoise rings, vintage silk scarves, strappy red heels, and orange anything.

Off daydream about moving to a 1940's house in the suburbs LA.
- IA

All images courtesy of Closet Visit - go give her some love.