December 27, 2012

New Year is the New Black

Coming upon the New Year I always envision changes I want to make, often times in regard to my image and career. One year it was simply to wear red lipstick more often (hence the signature). Last year it was to get a job in the realm of fashion. This year I think it will be to elevate and simplify my wardrobe. Big task. If I made, say $10-20$k more than I currently do, this would be a matter of a giant Value Village run and charging up the credit cards. Since I don't (yet), here is my plan of attack.

1. Make any pieces I can. A 3/4 jacket in a pretty Italian crepe. A pretty v-neck silk blouse.

2. Save for the things I can't make.

3. Get rid of anything I don't wear for ANY reason (fit, color, comfort).

How about you, my pretties? Wha do you want for yourselves in 2013?
Happy shopping, darlings!

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