January 18, 2013

As If!

As If!
Walking past the 6th Ave. window of Nordstrom portraying the exclusive Miss Wu collection, I couldn't help thinking of the original Gossip Girl show - Clueless!  The models are dressed in classic upper-east-side fashion with matchy-matchy tweeds and prints, hats, and socks.  But not just any socks.  No, no, no, my friends.  These are knee-high socks ala 1995!!!  Which invites passer-bys to relive their favorite dream of the 90's, without the Portlandia reference. 

I conjure thoughts of sunflower print tees, furry backpack purses, ridiculous floppy hats, and wafts of teen spirit.  The stench of nostalgia is bittersweet, but the hint is so delicate it doesn't overwhelm.  My verdict?  This spring, when the temperatures are just barely 50 and you can't wait to pull out your pastels, the knee-high and thigh-high are the perfect transition for Seattle.  Bare those pasty-pasty thighs with confidence, trail-blazing, and gusto!  And don't get all defensive when I hum a Cranberrys song behind you.

Happy shopping, darlings!

January 6, 2013

Introducing Miss Wu!

Introducing Miss Wu
Starting tomorrow one of my favorite designers, Jason Wu will have his sister line available at Nordstrom.  I am ecstatic!!!  Partially because not only does this mean Mr. Wu's genius is now available at a more accessible price point, but also because I've already seen samples.  And let me tell you - it is fabulous (fabulous, FABULOUS) product for the price point, and totally hits the mark in all categories - fabrication, construction, print, proportion, and age-appropriateness for the target demographic.  Blah, blah, blah.

The suit above is much more charismatic in person - what you can't see from the picture is that the fine tweed incorporates lime, lemon, and black to make a cutie-pie spring jacket and dress.  I can easily see the jacket alone with a black pencil skirt and mock-neck sweater - darling!  One of the other pieces I predict will sell out instantly is a silk dress with a feather print on it.  It's an A-line shape with a Christopher Kane-eque belt and a cheeky little ruffle at the bottom.

There's also this neato little preview Nordstrom did that echoes a certain Charlie's Angels dance...

Happy shopping darlings!

December 27, 2012

New Year is the New Black

Coming upon the New Year I always envision changes I want to make, often times in regard to my image and career. One year it was simply to wear red lipstick more often (hence the signature). Last year it was to get a job in the realm of fashion. This year I think it will be to elevate and simplify my wardrobe. Big task. If I made, say $10-20$k more than I currently do, this would be a matter of a giant Value Village run and charging up the credit cards. Since I don't (yet), here is my plan of attack.

1. Make any pieces I can. A 3/4 jacket in a pretty Italian crepe. A pretty v-neck silk blouse.

2. Save for the things I can't make.

3. Get rid of anything I don't wear for ANY reason (fit, color, comfort).

How about you, my pretties? Wha do you want for yourselves in 2013?
Happy shopping, darlings!

December 19, 2012

I Can't Say No


These shoes gave my foot a hug - HELP!!!  Never ever did I think I would truthfully say a 4" pointed toe heel would make my foot feel like heaven - but these do.  They are a nice little discount, and one can always use another pair of black heels.  But why, oh why did these have to fall onto my feet right before holiday and right during fall designer markdowns???  Life is so unfair, people.  What do you do when a shoe hugs you?  Surely you can't just walk away!  That luscious red leather lining, the seductive hair calf detail, the rare venetian vamp... It ain't so much a question of not knowing what to do...

Happy dressing, people.

December 18, 2012

Fa la la la la la la la Lucite

Fa la la la la la la la Lucite

I know, I know, I know - winter has only begun!  But I am super excited about a little trend that's popping up in shoes - lucite.  Mostly because it reminds me of a certain poolside photoshoot with a certain Marilyn Monroe.  There's also this little beauty that doesn't pack the punch of the Lanvins - they are on my spring/summer wishlist.

Happy dressing, people.

December 17, 2012

Little Black Everythings

Little Black Everythings

One of the first things I ask people when they propose a wardrobe overhaul is "do you have all your little black everythings?"  Okay, I don't actually ask that question because it's totally annoying.  The main idea being that you can live in your basic blacks.  Confession: I wear black head to toe ALMOST EVERY DAY.  And day in, day out it's the same boring stuff that I get compliments on.  Over.  And over.  And over again.

"Okay, Ivy.  Prioritize my little black everythings."
Note - this is for the ladies.  I'll do one for the gents someday.
  1. Black pumps.  Mid-heel.  Especially in  shoes - you get what you pay for.  Consider saving $300-$500 if buying new.
  2. Slim black pant.  Personally I prefer something cut right above the ankle.  Many people think this is "trendy" but if you look through fashion history, they're wrong.  For someone with a stockier build I would suggest a straight leg.  I personally avoid synthetic fabrics beyond 20%.
  3.  Black cardigan.  Merino wool is invincible, if you're allergic a silk/cotton blend is a good substitute.
  4. Black pencil skirt.  I've heard raves about Dolce and Gabbana's, once I live in the same house as my husband (really) this will be the thing I start saving for.
  5. Black crew neck sweater.  See specs at cardigan.
This actually sums up my work wardrobe.  I'm confident anyone can revamp their entire look, closet, LIFE by having well-fitted (like by a tailor) high quality (like save your money) pieces.

RANT - I know that everyone has a budget they want to stick to when shopping.  In my opinion the basics are the thing you should splurge on - and that includes TAILORING - because you'll wear that black _____ a million times.  It's worth the dough.  You can thank me in 10 years when you've finally blown the back seam in your Dolce skirt.

Happy dressing, people.

December 15, 2012

How the Hell do You Wear Camo?!


I just wanted to take a moment this morning to delve into a trend I've been skeptical about all fall (note how it's almost winter).  Finally, I've decided I'm in.  In part because of the adorable picture above (courtesy of Scott Schuman), and also credited to a gentleman at work who cheekily mixes a slim camo pant in with his work wardrobe - topped with a v-neck sweater and tie, finished with suede oxfords.

Okay but, "how the hell do I wear camo?!"  With big prints, crazy proportions, and generally any new uncharted territory in fashion I play it safe.  We take our trends in baby steps.  First - try it back to the classic black pieces you have in your wardrobe - black t, black cardigan, black pump, black bag... Yeah, yeah it sounds completely boring.  But you simply can't fuck it up starting this way.  Then slip in a pop of color.  Once you' re feeling confident you've mastered civilian camo, I endorse you to mix in ANOTHER PRINT.  I particularly like the idea of a tiny pink floral, red plaid, or a pretty white windowpane.  The trick is - don't look like this guy.

Happy dressing, people.