January 18, 2013

As If!

As If!
Walking past the 6th Ave. window of Nordstrom portraying the exclusive Miss Wu collection, I couldn't help thinking of the original Gossip Girl show - Clueless!  The models are dressed in classic upper-east-side fashion with matchy-matchy tweeds and prints, hats, and socks.  But not just any socks.  No, no, no, my friends.  These are knee-high socks ala 1995!!!  Which invites passer-bys to relive their favorite dream of the 90's, without the Portlandia reference. 

I conjure thoughts of sunflower print tees, furry backpack purses, ridiculous floppy hats, and wafts of teen spirit.  The stench of nostalgia is bittersweet, but the hint is so delicate it doesn't overwhelm.  My verdict?  This spring, when the temperatures are just barely 50 and you can't wait to pull out your pastels, the knee-high and thigh-high are the perfect transition for Seattle.  Bare those pasty-pasty thighs with confidence, trail-blazing, and gusto!  And don't get all defensive when I hum a Cranberrys song behind you.

Happy shopping, darlings!

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