March 12, 2011

Georgetown or Bust

Let me start with a little background - Georgetown is where John and I had our first date - if making out on a couch at 9lb Hammer isn't love, I am very very lost. And hell, if it isn't I got a 9lb Porter out of the deal. Georgetown used to be creeper-ville when I was a kid - industrial, ugly, and kinda ghetto. Now, thanks to Seattle's affinity for transitioning broke down neighborhoods into art-havens, Georgetown is freaking rad. Hosting a herd of neato restaurants, bars, and shops you could happily live and die here. Add to that a hint of old punks and rockabilly kids and I'm sold. As close to a 5 year plan as I'll ever be - we hope to move down here in the next couple years, rent a house, get some chickens, be those rad people.

Here's my run-down of cool stuff to find:
  • Georgetown Liquor Co. - vegan heaven, with a nommy menu including the "Darth Rueben". Also awesome - free old-school video games, play Super Mario Bro's til your fingers go numb
  • Slim's Last Chance - little rockabilly vibe, a slew of different chilis and great local beers
  • Smarty Pants - possibly the best bbq sammich in town, SOMEHOW I have yet to go here
  • All City Coffee - rad little art-house joint
  • Fantagraphics - comic AND record store meet to create geek heaven
  • Via Tribunale - damn damn good pizza
  • The Corson Building - fine dining NW sustainable style - bend John's ear to take me here
These are just the things that immediately come to mind, I'll elaborate and include more later. Gotta go fry a computer.

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