March 7, 2011

Closet Visit

I must share my new favorite fashion blog - Closet Visit. LA resident, artist, blogger, and wonder-woman Jeana Sohn visits the closets of friends, friends of friends, and rumored stylish ladies about town to style, photograph, and interview them in their homes. The result is an intimate, vibrant, inspiring blog and I find myself reading... each post multiple times. She has managed to capture an LA aura I had chocked up to faux-Hollywood existence - chic, bohemian, quirky, and brilliant artistic women in little white houses.

My first girl-crush was Beatrice Valenzuela, a hand-crafted shoe designer, mother, and glowing beautiful being. Then Joanna Williams with her spectacular collection of delicate white vintage dresses - the spider-web beaded piece is spectacular. And so the obsession begins...

Consistent through the blog is soft pretty LA light filtering through the shots - something to be desired in Seattle this time of year. Also - Jeana's ability to invite seductive bursts of color that leave you begging for large turquoise rings, vintage silk scarves, strappy red heels, and orange anything.

Off daydream about moving to a 1940's house in the suburbs LA.
- IA

All images courtesy of Closet Visit - go give her some love.

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