March 9, 2011

Crafts Shmafts

So I've been haphazardly immersed in embroidery. I say haphazardly because I always get the impression that I'm doing it wrong. OR atleast not as awesomely as I might (we're talking about the girl that will unravel an entire scarf over one crochet). So in lieu of New Year's resolutions I'm going to make belated 2011 craft resolutions.

1. Finish current embroidery projects and do lots of research to eventually do stuff like this

or this in embroidery form to blow away next year's Emerald City Comic-con

2. Teach myself to knit - surprisingly easy with youtube tutorials, etc. cuz I wanna do this

3. Make a couple vintage replica sundresses for the summer. This may or may not include reviving Grace or Penny. Especially: something madmen 1960's ala my girlfriend Joan Harris and something 1930's ala... the great depression.
except I'm of course more likely to do the Betty-style full skirt.

Thoughts, links, and fabric finds welcome!

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