December 15, 2012

How the Hell do You Wear Camo?!


I just wanted to take a moment this morning to delve into a trend I've been skeptical about all fall (note how it's almost winter).  Finally, I've decided I'm in.  In part because of the adorable picture above (courtesy of Scott Schuman), and also credited to a gentleman at work who cheekily mixes a slim camo pant in with his work wardrobe - topped with a v-neck sweater and tie, finished with suede oxfords.

Okay but, "how the hell do I wear camo?!"  With big prints, crazy proportions, and generally any new uncharted territory in fashion I play it safe.  We take our trends in baby steps.  First - try it back to the classic black pieces you have in your wardrobe - black t, black cardigan, black pump, black bag... Yeah, yeah it sounds completely boring.  But you simply can't fuck it up starting this way.  Then slip in a pop of color.  Once you' re feeling confident you've mastered civilian camo, I endorse you to mix in ANOTHER PRINT.  I particularly like the idea of a tiny pink floral, red plaid, or a pretty white windowpane.  The trick is - don't look like this guy.

Happy dressing, people.

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