December 17, 2012

Little Black Everythings

Little Black Everythings

One of the first things I ask people when they propose a wardrobe overhaul is "do you have all your little black everythings?"  Okay, I don't actually ask that question because it's totally annoying.  The main idea being that you can live in your basic blacks.  Confession: I wear black head to toe ALMOST EVERY DAY.  And day in, day out it's the same boring stuff that I get compliments on.  Over.  And over.  And over again.

"Okay, Ivy.  Prioritize my little black everythings."
Note - this is for the ladies.  I'll do one for the gents someday.
  1. Black pumps.  Mid-heel.  Especially in  shoes - you get what you pay for.  Consider saving $300-$500 if buying new.
  2. Slim black pant.  Personally I prefer something cut right above the ankle.  Many people think this is "trendy" but if you look through fashion history, they're wrong.  For someone with a stockier build I would suggest a straight leg.  I personally avoid synthetic fabrics beyond 20%.
  3.  Black cardigan.  Merino wool is invincible, if you're allergic a silk/cotton blend is a good substitute.
  4. Black pencil skirt.  I've heard raves about Dolce and Gabbana's, once I live in the same house as my husband (really) this will be the thing I start saving for.
  5. Black crew neck sweater.  See specs at cardigan.
This actually sums up my work wardrobe.  I'm confident anyone can revamp their entire look, closet, LIFE by having well-fitted (like by a tailor) high quality (like save your money) pieces.

RANT - I know that everyone has a budget they want to stick to when shopping.  In my opinion the basics are the thing you should splurge on - and that includes TAILORING - because you'll wear that black _____ a million times.  It's worth the dough.  You can thank me in 10 years when you've finally blown the back seam in your Dolce skirt.

Happy dressing, people.

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